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Free Alternative Communicators

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Free Alternative Communicators

Free Alternative Communicators

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If you are looking for free applications for PC, that can support free international calls, instant messages, voice and video chat, Skype is the first software that will come to our mind. Despite the fact that there are many alternative applications that provide us with the same services and with the same quality as Skype such as ooVoo, Line, Nimbuzz, Camfrog Video Chat, Facebook Messenger, kakao Talk, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, icq, etc.

These alternative programs will enable you to communicate easily and quickly with friends, family and work-team using instant messages, voice and video calls, moreover, it can support conference calls.

In general it costs much less than regular phone calls, even international calls. Let us check out some of the best options you can consider, and discover more advantages and differences between some of those alternative communicators.

Our communicators are running smoothly on PCs and portable devices, to enjoy them on the go. 






ooVoo comes with various services for easy communication such as video calls, voice calls, instant messages. Record your message and send it to your friends as audio file, ooVoo allows you to create a group to start video chat with many friends at once. Also you can watch movies together with your group members on YouTube. Enhance your conversation using screen sharing and discuss the same file or image with your friend. 


  • Send voice/video messages to friends;
  • Share screen with friends to discuss together the same file; 
  • Record your video calls and upload them to YouTube;
  • Send large files (up to 25 MB per file);
  • Watch movies with your friends on YouTube on the same page. 







Skype is a great program that offers you all means of communication for free. Instant messages, video calls and voice calls are available worldwide in Skype, moreover it reminds you of your contacts' birthdates. Charge your Skype credit to call regular phone and landlines anywhere and anytime. skype is the most popular free world-wide communication program, companies and business centers prefer to use Skype because of the serious look and classical interface.


  • Free messeges, voice/video calls;
  • Confrence calls are available;
  • Create group for private chatting;
  • Share big files (photos/audio/video) and URL;
  • Low cost calls to a landline or mobile.




LINE is one of the best classical programs for instant messages and for group chat. Instant messages are provided with a wide range of stickers and themes. LINE offers high-quality real-time voice and video calls, and enables you to share photos, videos, voice messages and even your location with your friends. You will get a user ID that will help you to search and add your friends easily and quickly.


  • Free messages, voice and video calls;
  • Big vareity of stickers and emoji;
  • Offers various online games;
  • Capture photo/video and share them with friends;
  • Easy to find and add friends by user ID.


 Camfrog Video ChatCamfrog Video Chat



Camfrog Video Chat is the largest online community for video chat and the only software that does not require a webcam to see your friends live on your PC. Amazing application that enables you to start video/audio chat with various friends at once. A big variety of chatrooms will allow you to make new friends worldwide, and furthermore you can create your own chatroom and invite your friends for private chat.


  • Includes multiple chatrooms;
  • Special chatroom for sign language users;
  • Create your private chatroom;
  • Doesn't require webcam to see friends;
  • You are free to block any user, not to reach you.





KakaoTalk is a free software that took an advanced place between communication programs. It allows users to make free voice calls and free messaging, send and to receive instant messages quickly in a sober interface. Share photos, videos, contacts and your location with your friends. Capture photos or videos, and choose between different effects to be added to your photos, and send them to your friends immediately.


  • Share photos, video, and your location;
  • Free conference calls with up to 5 persons;
  • Big store for emoticons and themes;
  • A platform to play games;
  • Multi-language support.





ICQ is a great messenger that enables you to send and receive superfast instant messages. It is one of the oldest communications programs designed to share instant messages only, but it has been upgraded to become one of the best communicators nowadays. ICQ comes with free video/audio calls, low-cost SMS and phone calls, and enables you to share files, photos and videos. Connect your icq to your social network account and to your mail in order to extract contacts and call them for free.


  • Free voice/voice calls and instant messaes;
  • Supports online games;
  • Low cost for mobile and landlines calls;
  • Connect ICQ to social networks and to your mail accounts;
  • Notifies you about new mails.





Paltalk is an amazing application that offers big facilities of online chat. Communicate with your friends via text, video or voice chat, moreover it enables you to make free video calls with your friends. It includes a big variety of chatrooms as well as allows you to create your own chatroom for your private communications. Connect it with your facebook account, automatically it will extract your contacts from facebook into an intuitive interface, it will find Paltalk members among them, to let you make free video calls, free chat, and more.  


  • Free video calls, instant messages and audio/video chat;
  • Includes a huge amount of chtrooms;
  • Create groups for video calls and text chat;
  • High quality of video and audio;
  • Easy to transfer big files.

 Comparison Chart

Application  IM   Group Chat Video Calls  Voice Calls Phone Calls SMS Confrence Calls Share Files Multiplayer Games Status Icon Rating



Camfrog Video Chat                  





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